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Grade 7 Key Concept Related Concepts Global Context Assessment Criteria
Scientific Method Relationships
  • Communication
  • Function
  • Evidence
Scientific and Technical Innovation
  • B,C
Metabolism Systems
  • Balance
  • Consequences
Scientific and Technical Innovation
  • D - fad diet presentations
  • effect of enzymes on rate of reactions
Energy transformation in living things Relationships
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Models
Scientific and Technical Innovation
  • B,C effect of exercise on heart rate
  • A Test
Chemical Changes Systems
  • Consequences
  • Interaction
Identities and Relationships - Industrialization
  • A - test
  • D - Solubility
Ecology Relationships
  • Consequences
  • Balance
Scientific and Technical Innovation
  • B, C - individual investigations
  • D - desalination
Mechanical Energy Change
  • Energy
  • Transformation
Scientific and Technical Innovation
  • B, C - factors affecting the energy loss of a bouncy ball
  • D - using simple machines to help those less able

    G7 Sankey Diagrams

    Sankey diagrams introduction

    Sankey exercises

    In the link below, choose 4 countries to analyse with your table groups.


    Date posted: 06/20/2018

    G7 Accessibility Essay Rubric

    Essay Rubric due June 14th.

    Date posted: 06/12/2018

    G7 Work

    Red template

    Purple template

    Dear students, please keep the print out with you, we’ll need it tomorrow. I have your folders with me.

    Answers to the print out

    So proud of you!

    Date posted: 05/02/2018

    G7 Energy

    Hello, 7A!

    Congratulations to everyone who participated in the talent show!

    Alas, I cannot be with you today. The doctor said I have acute bronchitis. I told her there was nothing cute about it.

    Please proceed to do the tasks below.

    • 1. Learn the definition and how to calculate work. Read this presentation and/or watch the videos below
    • 2. Remember that Work = Force * Distance or W = F*d Work has the same unit as Energy, both are measured in Joules.
    • 3. Solve this list of exercises
    • 4. Solve this list of exercises as well.
    • 5. Another list of exercises? Yay!
    • 6. Review what you learned or close gaps by reading this website.
    • 7. Homework, the cherry on top. Answer these in your notebook.
    • Enjoy the rest of your day!
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    Date posted: 04/17/2018

    G7 Criterion D

    Criterion D Rubric

    Date posted: 03/01/2018

    Date posted: 02/22/2018

    G7 Energy transformations review

    Review Formative


    Respiratory System Khan Academy

    Circulatory System Khan Academy

    Photosynthesis presentation

    Breathing and Respiration


    Need to know:

    • Label the parts of the heart
    • Name the veins and arteries going in and out of the heart
    • Describe the differences between veins and arteries
    • Label the parts of the respiratory system
    • Outline the differences and similarities between animal and plant respiration
    • Explain the factors that affect photosynthesis

    Date posted: 02/08/2018

    Date posted: 01/31/2018

    G7 Respiration

    Date posted: 01/25/2018

    Date posted: 01/11/2018

    G7 Osmosis Lab 2

    Date posted: 12/07/2017

    G7 Visking Tube Practical

    Lesson Objective

    To understand the role of osmosis in the digestive system.


    Success Criteria : Show that starch molecules DO NOT go through the visking tubing and that glucose molecules DO.


    • Water
    • Visking Tube
    • Boiling tube
    • Starch
    • Amylase
    • Iodine
    • Benedict's solution

    Go to google classroom, download the Lab Planning Document and start working on it (30-45 mins) Perform the practical (30 mins).

    Gut bacteria may tell you what to eat

    Physiology of the small intestine

    Homework due in the coming Wednesday, the 29th:
    Review Questions

    Date posted: 11/23/2017

    Date posted: 11/16/2017

    G7 Food Tests

    Today student will test foods they bring from home to discover the nutritious content they have.
    Food Testing Practical Note: You need to be logged into your account to access the file and google classroom. Once done with the document, upload it to google classroom.

    Date posted: 10/25/2017

    G7 Fad Diets 2

    Aaronson Oracle

    Today students worked on their upcoming summative presentations, which will take place on Thursday, 26th.

    Date posted: 10/19/2017

    G7 Fad Diets

    Date posted: 10/19/2017

    G7 Digestion 5

    Good morning 7A!
    Right about the time you read this I should be taking my parking exam! I wish I was at GIS with you, thank you for the good luck wishes!
    Please take out the flash cards we prepared yesterday, we are going to work in pairs for this activity. You will have 30 mins.
    Quiz each other about each item on the list, there should be 25 items in total. The activity is completed when each of you is able to say some correct information about all of the 25 items, top to bottom. Again, each of you must know about all 25 items.
    After this you will complete each document below in order:

    Have fun,
    Mr. Pacios

    Date posted: 10/17/2017

    G7 Digestion 4

    Date posted: 10/05/2017

    G7 Digestion 2

    Lesson objectives:

    • Review
    • Purposes of digestible nutritional groups
    • The food pyramid


    Date posted: 10/05/2017


    This week, grade 7 turns in the Scientific Method Lab and we move on to our next topic: The Digestive System.

    Watch the video below:

    After watching the video, visit this website and go through the 4 tabs. Make sure to take notes and to use google dictionary for any words you haven't seen before.

    Date posted: 10/04/2017

    Writing a lab report

    Connecting keywords to their meaning
    Today we are going to learn how to write a lab report.

    Lab Report Template

    Lab Report Checklist

    Lab report exemplars:

    Date posted: 09/28/2017

    Bubble Gum Lab

    For the Scientific Method Unit students will carry out an investigation into bubble gum, and the many changes it goes through when chewed. A lab report will be produced which will be assessed according to criterion B and C.

    Date posted: 09/26/2017

    First Days

    Welcome to MYP Science in grade 7!


    Setting S.M.A.R.T goals

    Students take a look at their grades from last year and set goals for their performance this year.

    Date posted: 09/19/2017