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Grade 7 Key Concept Related Concepts Global Context Assessment Criteria
Scientific Method Relationships
  • Communication
  • Function
  • Evidence
Scientific and Technical Innovation
  • B,C
Digestive System Systems
  • Balance
  • Consequences
Scientific and Technical Innovation
  • D - fad diet presentations
  • effect of enzymes on rate of reactions
Energy transformation in living things Relationships
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Models
Scientific and Technical Innovation
  • B,C effect of exercise on heart rate
  • A Test
Development in living things Systems
  • Consequences
  • Interaction
Identities and Relationships - Industrialization
  • A - test
  • D - genetic engineering
The atom, elements, components Change
  • Consequences
  • Form
  • Transformation
Scientific and Technical Innovation
  • B, C - individual investigations
  • D - desalination
Mechanical Energy Change
  • Energy
  • Transformation
Scientific and Technical Innovation
  • B, C - factors affecting the energy loss of a bouncy ball
  • D - using simple machines to help those less able

    G7 Mechanics

    Click the link below and go through the links for: Acceleration, Distance, Rate, and Time, Building, Forces, Gravity, Inclined plane, Kinetic energy, Levers, Potential energy, Power,Newton’s laws, and work.

    Brainpop mechanics

    The Moving Man
    Click to Run
    Date posted: 06/16/2019

    G7 Natural Selection

    Date posted: 05/19/2019

    G7 Ecology

    Bitesize ecosystems

    Date posted: 05/07/2019

    G7 Acids and bases

    Date posted: 05/05/2019

    G7 Mars formative

    Date posted: 01/29/2019

    G7 Nitrogen cycle

    Date posted: 01/14/2019

    G7 Energy transformations review

    Review Formative


    Respiratory System Khan Academy

    Circulatory System Khan Academy

    Photosynthesis presentation

    Breathing and Respiration


    Need to know:

    • Label the parts of the heart
    • Name the veins and arteries going in and out of the heart
    • Describe the differences between veins and arteries
    • Label the parts of the respiratory system
    • Outline the differences and similarities between animal and plant respiration
    • Explain the factors that affect photosynthesis

    Date posted: 01/13/2019

    G7 Photosynthesis

    Dear 7B,

    Unfortunately, I can’t be with you today.

    Learning Objectives: -To understand the difference between respiration and photosynthesis -The understand the chemical equation for photosynthesis

    Please complete the steps below:

    1- Read this article 2- You may play this video in the Clevertouch TV: Khan Academy 3- Create a table with a column for similarities and another for differences, what do photosynthesis and respiration have in common? What is different? 4- Read this article and answer the following question on your notebook: Explain the role of photosynthesis in the evoluation of multicelular life.

    Date posted: 01/08/2019

    Date posted: 01/07/2019

    G7 Respiration

    Date posted: 01/06/2019

    G7 Plans for today

    Dear 7B, unfortunately I will not be joining you today, I'm devastated and know you are too. Please find the plans for today below.

    • Please help the teacher with you open up my website on the tv.
    • 20 mins of setting up the poster. Put the posters up the back wall, the order doesn't matter, use masking tape on the my desk. We are not doing the gallery walk today, only next class.
    • 20-30mins read the presentation on the previous post called "Enzymes presentation".
    • 15mins Open google classroom, go to the target sheet. Click the file. On the bottom of the file there are two tabs, click the "Student reflection" tab. In the 2018/19 Goal, please add a SMARTR goal for the year.
    • 20 min Complete the target sheet for the new unit. The target sheets can be found on my desk near the sink.
    • Remember to have fun, I miss you. See you soon.
    Date posted: 11/05/2018

    Date posted: 11/04/2018

    G7 Food Groups

    16/09/2018 Lab Report

    Learning Objective:

    -To learn the food groups and exemples of foods for each of them

    Assessment Criteria:

    -I can state the food groups and classify common foods

    Watch the video below:

    After watching the video, visit this website and go through the 4 tabs. Make sure to take notes and to use google dictionary for any words you haven't seen before.

    Digestible nutritional groups

    How long does it take to digest a big mac?
    The digestive system

  1. Nutrients broken down
  2. Steps of digestion Presentation
  3. Label the digestive system
  4. How enzymes work
  5. Date posted: 09/23/2018

    Lab Reports

    16/09/2018 Lab Report

    Learning Objective:

    -To understand expectations for lab reports

    Assessment Criteria:

    -I can write a lab report according to the rubric and expectations

    For the Scientific Method Unit students will carry out an investigation into bubble gum, and the many changes it goes through when chewed. A lab report will be produced which will be assessed according to criterion B and C.

    You need to be logged in your account to see the exemplars below.

    Exemplar 1

    Exemplar 2

    Exemplar 3

    Lab report exemplars:

    Date posted: 09/16/2018

    First Week

    Introductory Presentation


    04/09/2018 The Scientific Method 1

    Learning Objective:

    -To understand the scientific method

    Assessment Criteria:

    -I can design a mind map using scientific method terms
    -I can plan an experiment

    Discussion: When can I claim to know something? Define criteria necessary to claim certainty of understanding.

    Watch the videos below:

    *Create a mind map

    *Go to google classroom and complete the first assignment

    Date posted: 09/02/2018