Sunday Wednesday
8:15 11:05
Topics Mechanics Thermal Physics Ecology Oxidation and Reduction Body Systems Individual Investigation
Sub Topics Conservation of Momentum Heat Capacity Climate Change Batteries Circulation Student chosen

    Pre DP Uncertainties


    Exercises Solutions

    Date posted: 05/30/2018

    Pre DP Heat Capacity


    Heat 1

    Heat 2

    Heat 3

    Heat 4


    Date posted: 04/11/2018

    Pre DP Lab Template

    Lab Report Template

    Date posted: 02/25/2018

    Pre DP Conservation of momentum Lab

    Conservation of momentum lab

    Date posted: 11/19/2017

    Pre DP Conservation of momentum

    Lesson Objectives:
    To understand elastic and ineslatic collisions.
    To solve momentum conservation exercises.

    Simulation 1
    Simulation 2
    Simulation 3
    Simulation 4

    Exercises 1
    Exercises 2
    Exercises 3

    Date posted: 11/12/2017

    Date posted: 10/18/2017

    Pre DP Sumative

    Date posted: 10/16/2017

    Pre DP Practice problems 2

    Exemplars from every science subject

    Date posted: 10/15/2017

    Practice problems

    Students will solve several uncertainty exercises to reinforce their learning.
    Question sheet 1
    Question sheet 2
    Exercises that couldn't be solved in class, in both lists, were assigned as homework due this week's Thursday.

    Date posted: 10/08/2017


    Students will discuss the many factors that affect measurements, as well as how to report results.

    • Digital and analog instruments
    • Uncertainties and errors
    • Significant figures
    • Sources of error and error propagation

    Sig Fig Rules
    Sig Fig Worksheet

    Date posted: 10/01/2017

    Sept. 24


    • Check Data Collection
    • Check for understanding
    • Linear equations exercises and applications in physics
    • Add students to google classroom

    Link to linear equations exercises with solutions
    Link to linear functions exercises with solutions
    Link to systems of linear equations exercises with solutions

    Date posted: 09/24/2017

    Acceleration of free fall lab

    Today we’ve started our very first lab! Students learned about the formula for the position of an object in uniformly accelerated motion. Then proceeded to try to determine the acceleration of free fall by filming balls free fallin from different heights.

    Date posted: 09/13/2017